Why hose pumps?

What are the advantages of a hose pump?

A hose pump offers many possibilities to pump almost every medium which pass through the hose. As various as the fields of applications are also the advantages which are decisive for the use of a Ponndorf Hose Pump.


Additional to the wide range of applications hose pumps offers important qualities because they are safe to run dry and self-priming up to 9,5 m H2O.


Just try out the variety of Ponndorf Hose Pumps.

What is important for my pump?

Abrasive media set high mechanical standards of the hose material because of the abrasion. So it is important to keep wear and tear small.


  • high abrasive diatomaceous earth
  • no abrasion

Which demands does my medium place?

At handling of colours and lacquers e.g. the gentle pumping is essential. Furthermore an easy cleaning and short shutdown time at hose replacement is very important in order to guarantee trouble-free service.


  • gentle - no shearing forces
  • easy cleaning
  • no foaming

Is ist according to FDA?

Just at food industry highest quality standards have to be guaranteed. The medium only contacts the hose and can be pumped particularly gentle due to optimum selection of compoments.


  • Fruits etc. will no be destroyed
  • no dead spots
  • hoses according to FDA

Does my pump resist this application?

At aggressive media, e.g. in chemical and pharmaceutical industry, high resistance and conveyance without contacting metallic materials is guaranteed in order to eliminate hazardous reaction with the medium.


  • high chemical resistance
  • Acids / leaches
  • no damage of crystals
  • no contact with metals

Does high flow rates and solids raise problems?

Day-to-day our self-priming pumps have to perform permanent high flow rates and also intensitivity against solids without plugging and yet without any seals, flaps and valves.


  • tough against solids
  • self-priming out of sewer
  • no plugging
  • high flow rates