Pumping successful products

Chemical & pharmaceutical industry

Ponndorf Hose Pumps are the optimal solution for pumping of acids, leaches, suspensions, insulin, creams and lotions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Glass, ceramic & porcelain

Further applications are the pumping of porcelain slurry, glazes, engobes and acids for the processing of glass, ceramic and porcelain.

Plant engineering and construction

Ponndorf Hose Pumps - successful and reliable use in systems of leading plant manufacturer.

Resins and plastics

With Ponndorf Hose Pumps different resins and plastics as well as granules can be pumped.

Water / wastewater treatmant

Slurry, milk of lime and flocculants will be easy pumped with Ponndorf Hose Pumps.

Food & beverage

At food production Ponndorf Hose Pumps find versatile application. Especially blends of spices, yeast, fruit mixtures, bread dough and chocolate will be pumped.

Wood & paper

For pumping of additives, glues and paints Ponndorf Hose Pumps are applicable at wood treatment or paper production.

Automotive industry

In automotive industry Ponndorf Hose Pumps are used for pumping of oils, lacquers and wastewater.