Customized system solutions

P_classic WASTE

The mobile disposal pump P_classic WASTE is designed for many applications in the field of suction and cleaning. As a mobile unit complete with suction lance, connection hoses, cable set, plug and reversing switch, it is a ready-to-go sulution, for instance for the suctioning slurry and grease.

P_classic WASTE disposal pump

The mobile disoposal station was designed for completion of our execution P_classic WASTE. The suction unit for fluids with collection container is mounted on a transport cart and by a system control an overfill protection is guaranteed.

Flexible applicatoin - P_high pressure 65 twin mobile

Large flow rates - flexible use. Our mobile double-head pump - including trailer, suction hose, Y-pieces, coupling, etc. - is ideal for mobile use, for instance on premises for suction of wastewater from shafts.

Suspension pump

For prevention of sedimentation in the pump hose the pump head is twisted. This guarantees at shutdown of the pump that no pumping media will stay in the pump hose and therefore this system is ideally suited for pumping of crystalline suspensions