Functional principle

Functional principle

dry running systems

Functional principle

lubricated systems

How does a hose pump works?

Ponndorf Hose Pumps are self-priming displacement pumps which are safe to run dry.


A medium resistant, flexible hose is pressed together - at dry drunning system by teflon rollers and at the lubricated system by gliding shoes. By rotation of the rotor the medium in the hose is pushed forward. The resetting of the hose to its round shape creates an underpressure which induces the suction of the following medium. As hose pumps are self-priming no filling of the pipeline is necessary at suction process.    



Because of the pumping principle all fluid media which "pass through the hose" can be pumped irrespective of whether they are abrasiv, aggressive or containing solids.

That´s why Ponndorf Hose Pumps are a universal problem solver - even for challenging pump jobs!

Why two systems?

Ponndorf is one of a few producer of hose pumps who is specialised in dry running systems as well as in lubricated systems. The parameter of the conveying task are decisive for the suitable pumping principle.


If these parameter provide the use of a dry running system - which applies at 70% of pumps required - this system offers many advantages for the operator.


For applications with higher demands regarding pressure and flow rates, the lubricated pumps are the ideal systems.


Both pump systems are also available as double-head pumps - for applications which require low pulsation.